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Black Witches Protection Salt

Black Witches Protection Salt

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Cleansed with palo santo, 


- kosher salt (protection & healing) 

- charcoal (protection against negativity)

- sage (protection & cleansing)

- peppercorn (wards evil eye & negativity) 

- black onyx (protection & grounding) 


Black witches salt, also known as black salt or ritual salt, is a type of salt used in various spiritual and magical practices. 

Black witches salt is believed to have protective and banishing properties. It is often used for warding off negative energy, creating boundaries, and creating a protective barrier. It is commonly used in rituals, spellwork, and spiritual cleansing practices.

The specific uses and rituals involving black witches salt can differ among different belief systems and traditions. Some practitioners may use it for protection, grounding, banishing negative influences, or as an ingredient in spellwork and rituals aimed at removing obstacles or unwanted energies.

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