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Angelic Reiki Practitioner Course October 2024

Angelic Reiki Practitioner Course October 2024

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Saturday 19th & Sunday 20th October 2024, 10am - 5pm (Both days) 

The Angelic Reiki Practitioner Course is a comprehensive two-day workshop designed to introduce participants to the principles and practice of Angelic Reiki. This course gives you the the wisdom and healing energy of the Angelic Realm. Participants will learn to work with the highest energies of the Angelic Realm through a series of attunements and healing techniques, enabling them to become confident and effective Angelic Reiki practitioners.

The course will be led by Emma Craven an Angelic Reiki Master Teacher who is dedicated to creating a supportive and nurturing learning environment for all participants.

The Angelic Reiki Practitioner Course offers a transformational journey into the realm of angelic healing and energy work. By the end of the two days, participants will have the knowledge, attunements, and practical skills necessary to practice Angelic Reiki on themselves and others, and to continue their personal and spiritual development through this powerful healing modality.

We will also book in a date for Angelic Reiki share after 21 days this is an opportunity for individuals who have recently completed an Angelic Reiki course to come together, practice, and share their experiences with Angelic Reiki. This gathering typically takes place approximately three weeks after the completion of an Angelic Reiki workshop, allowing participants to integrate their newly acquired knowledge and skills before coming together to engage in group healing sessions and discussions. The Angelic Reiki share provides a supportive and nurturing environment for practitioners to continue their learning and development, as well as to receive healing and support from their peers.

Payment plans are available please email or send us a direct message on social media. A full itinerary and more information will be emailed to you once deposits are in and before the course start date.

Thank you for choosing me!

Love, light & healing

Emma 💚✨

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