Sagittarius Full moon, Remember Super Full Moons Bring Lots Of Emotions and Eclipse Bring Change

Full Moon In Sagittarius

You’ll be forced to let go of anything that is no longer serving you but that you have been afraid to let go of.

The Moon is here to reveal truths, get your attention about things that aren’t working and nudge you back on the right path. Whatever you feel stirring, act on it, or you may find the energies of this eclipse doing it for you.

Under this Full Moon, Sagittarius - the explorer and restless wanderer of the zodiac - meets the South Node. we’ll all be shown where we stay in our comfort zones and don’t allow ourselves the expansion and freedom to follow where our hearts want us to go in this lifetime.

A Sagittarius moon will always shine a big Full Moonlight upon all that confines and binds you and anywhere you feel controlled, not being able to speak your truth or where you are not doing what you really love. You may feel literally claustrophobic or suffocated when it comes to these areas of your life.

Air Signs 

Partnerships in your life are changing right now, so be ready show up authentically and have some open-minded conversations with the people close to you. as tensions maybe high and tempers will be hot for everyone, so schedules and conversations might not flow as easily as usual. Look out for drama among your social squad now, because this feisty eclipse is hitting the friendship sector of your chart and stirring the gossip pot.

Earth Signs 

This lunation is likely to hit you in a more subtle and quiet way, so you’ll have to pay attention in order to align with its vibrations. Your subconscious desires are shifting so pay equally close attention to your energies. It’ll be important to take a step back from work so you can address these private matters with your full attention. Be gentle with yourself and trust what’s in your heart.

Water Signs 

This full moon is shaking up your productivity levels and restructuring your priority list, so be ready to get real with your responsibilities. .Step away from the whirlpool of emotions happening in your heart, and distract yourself with the comforts of measurable money matters during this eclipse. Stand tall and be confident in your talents and skills — this eclipse is aligning you with a new and better path.

Fire Signs 

Look out for sudden endings or revelations when it comes to anything related to a higher-minded journey. Relationship dynamics are changing, but you’re changing, too — so be willing to look clearly at your own reflection while also understanding that what you see is destined to transform into something new over time.


THE LUNAR Eclipse Moon.

This is not a moon for CHARGING CRYSTALS! Or making for Moon Water. This moon is about strong emotional change, personal challenges, toxic behaviour and Letting It Go. This is why you DONT WANT TO HARNESS THIS ENERGY! 


Here’s what you can do! A small personal ritual on the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, like taking a bath, lighting a candle or writing an intention down on paper and burning it, can help you to engage the energies of release and usher in new changes. 


Release Meditation


This comforting meditation can be used during a full moon eclipse to help you release any bad habits, negative people or unfortunate circumstances that are no longer serving you. You don’t need anything but a quiet space, a little imagination and ten minutes to perform this final ritual.


​Sit in a quiet space in a comfortable position and close your eyes.

Take three deep breaths in through the nose and out through the mouth to allow your heart rate to gently decrease.

Imagine yourself lifting up and out of your body and flying through the sky right towards the moon. This is when it is especially important to trust your imagination. Don’t judge how your imagination tries to fly or not, just go with it.

Once you’ve landed on the moon in your visualization, take a walk around.

Imagine that you’ve seen a woman in all white walk up to you. She is one of the moon’s messengers, here to deliver you a message.

Ask her what this full moon eclipse wants you to release to fulfil your full potential and why now is the right time. Listen carefully and without judgement.

Now, imagine a manifestation of what you want to release appearing next to the moon lady. It can appear however you think it should. If it’s a job, then it could be your boss. If it’s a bad relationship habit, it could be your former partner.

The moon lady pulls out a beautiful selenite sword and you look down to see a dark string connecting you to the habit. She asks you if she can cut it.

You nod and imagine the knife severing the cord, turning it to ash. You hug the moon representative and she tells you she is proud of you.

Once the ritual is done, allow yourself time to return back to your body.

When you are ready, take a moment and write down as many details as possible in case you want to refer to it later.

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