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Tektite is very connected to our awareness, and anyone who uses this stone will automatically expand their consciousness. Some have even said that Tektite can help facilitate inter-dimensional communication. If you are a lucid dreamer or looking to try it out, place a piece of Tektite on your nightstand. The stone will help you slip into that altered state easier and amplify your lucid dream experience. Also, Tektite is great for those that Astral Travel. Kick fear to the curb when you use Tektite. During your transformation, Tektite will work to alleviate stress, fear, and anxiety. This stone is great for anyone going through a spiritual awakening or looking to start theirs. Tektite will instill in you great wisdom and insight to navigate all that life throws at you. This crystal will work to increase your focus and provide you the knowledge to help you transform. Hold Tektite in the palm of your hand while doing breath work to hone in the intense transformational energy. 

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