New Year New Mindset!

New Year New Mindset!

Here are a few tips to help set your 2022 off on the right foot.....

1. Clear Out Your Phone

Delete conversations you no longer need, photos and videos that require effort and energy. Some memories loop you in a pattern. Detach from hoarding moments that no longer serve your elevation.

2. Clear Your Space

Rid your space of unwanted or unneeded items clean your home and prepare for new energy to enter. When you clear your space it is like hitting factory reset in your home you are allowing yourself and your space to bring new energy and fresh frequencies.

3. Cleanse Your Space

Like clearing your space, cleansing your space is just as important, you can cleanse your space with burning herbs or incense. Open all windows burn your chosen method and ask all energy to be released from your home.

4. Set Your Intentions For The Year.

Pick the crystal you are most drawn to, speak your intentions into it and keep it with you. Alternatively you can try this manifestation 10 minute meditation.

5. Stay Mindful

Whether it be to be kinder to yourself, be kinder to others, work on your inner child healing, exercise more or eat better. Sit in the struggles and the happiness. Feel each emotion. It's ok to have struggles and bad days acknowledge them, but don't sit in them Remember there is something beautiful in everyday and you are AMAZING ALWAYS!

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